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Top 7 looks of Irfan Khan: The Fashion Revolution

The world is mourning over the loss of one of the greatest actors of our time Irfan Khan. From an inspector in Slumdog Millionaire to a doctor in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) he justified every role that he played.

His death came as a sudden shock to world cinema. Irfan Khan will not only be remembered for his powerful acting skills but also for the fashion statements that he created. Yes, you read it right, the fashion statements! . Indeed, Irfan was one of the stylish men Bollywood industries could ever have.

Let’s have a look at his fashionable avatars that he carried and proved that he is truly a fashionista of his time.

Top 7 looks of Irfan Khan

Playing with same colour look

Irfan khan knows how to play with colors. We saw him looking stunning in his all-black look. Only he knows how to pair a black lungi with a shirt and make it look aesthetic. He completed this look with a black jacket, pair of black chappals and aviators.

In the second look, you will see him in the peach jacket paired up with a peach printed kurta and white striped trousers. This is the rarest combination which is giving boys major kurta pyjama goals.


The black floral printed blazer looks stunning on him. He made us believe that floral prints are not feminine. He completed his overall with the slim white pyjama. You depict your personality by the way you style, and his style spoke for his personality.


The brown warrior jacket teamed up with slim brown trousers is giving him a simple yet elegant look. You can notice the zipper hanging chains on the coat which is making it look even more adorable.


The Paan Singh Tomar actor knew very well how to pair scarfs indeed with every outfit be it a shirt, kurta, blazer or bomber jacket. He showed us the various ways to pair scarfs. If you are not experimental then, keep the colour of scarf and outfit the same. If you love contrast then, the pattern and colour of your scarf should be different from your attire. Isn’t it that simple?


Irfan Khan is killing in this androgynous dressing in the white with an ethnic, ivory jacket and black chappals.  He gave a whole new goal to the men of this generation.


The Piku actor never fails to break the stereotypes and is looking outstanding in this clad black and white broad stripe skirt. The entire outfit is giving a sleek voguish look.


He believed that fashion is not only about how you style, but it also has more to do with comfort. You cannot miss his funky cool look in Karwaan where he carried kurta pyjamas with the same colour contrast and added a jacket to give it a transformation.

Irfan Khan’s outfits are way too cool for any 50-year-old man. He made us realise that fashion is not something which revolves around women only. Man can contribute to the fashion industry equally. He was experimental with his styling; he knew how to nail in overlooks. He kept an eye on details from his attires to accessories; everything was always on point.

We know him as a talented powerful fearless actor but he has been an inspiration for the men’s styling. These were some of his famous fashion styles that Ifan carried and created a buzz in the fashion industry. 

He has created a remark in fashion and world cinema. We pray that his soul rests in peace.  

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