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How to take care of your damaged hair? 6 ways to maintain the shine and health of your hair.

Having long hair is a dream of every girl but maintaining them is a real task. From time to time, oil to spa to conditioning, everything matters a lot. Winter is the time when your hair gets damaged because of dandruff hair for changing climatic conditions. We all know the struggle of maintaining hair and keeping up with its shine. It is way too tough to go to salon regularly and spend many bucks. But, don’t worry, here is this blog that will help you maintain your hair easily.

Taking care of your hair is not that much tough as it seems. It requires little attention and some effort. So, this season let’s take care of your hair and let them shine.

Here are some of the essential things we often forget while maintaining our hair. 


We used to get irritated when our mom asked us to do oiling. But, mom is always right. You should oil your hair at least twice a week. It not only helps in health growth but gives strength and volume to your hair. Hair oil has all the essential vitamins and minerals required by your hair. So, do oiling twice a week and keep it overnight. 



There is no harm in bringing out some time and pampering yourself. You need to understand the importance of hair spas. It helps your hair to rejuvenate itself from the damage. If you don’t want to go to a salon or spend money, you can easily go to a hair spa at home. Using natural ingredients like amla, coconut oil, olive oil, egg or honey, you can make a hair mask.


Don’t forget to trim your hair regularly if you notice split ends. It helps in growing hair faster and gives it more strength. It also helps you in getting rid of unwanted hair fall. It even gives you more volume to your hairs.


Don’t wash your hair with hot water. The reason is that hot water lacks some minerals and moisture, which is essential for your hair growth. It also weaker your hairs strand and result in unnecessary breakage and frizz. So, try to wash your hair with cold water as it will keep your hair moisturized and shiny. 


Conditioning your hair is really important. So, try to give your hair deep conditioning from the scalp to the bottom of the root at least twice a week. Apply conditioner and give yourself a hair massage for 5-10 minutes and see the wonder. It also helps in balancing pH levels in your hair. It also maintains moisture balance in your hair and repairs damage. Always remember to apply conditioner across the length of your hair and avoid applying it over scalp.



You need to avoid combing your wet hair. Yes, it damages your hair badly as it results in breakage and unnecessary hair fall. Instead of combing, let them dry and then comb. Avoid tying up a pony tail or bun in wet hairs as it results in stretching and ultimately leads to breakage. Also avoid rubbing your wet hairs with towel as wet hairs are fragile and may result into hair fall or breakage.

These were some of the essential points that we often forget in the hustle. Now, you don’t have to run for booking a salon appointment or stress about the heavy bills. So, try to keep these tips in your mind, and this will help you save so many of your bucks. 

Give your hair the care it deserves!!!
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