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Recalling the top 8 iconic fashion styles of Dilip Kumar: A rare glimpse of his most popular outfit

The entire nation is in shock and mourning over the death of the legendary actor Dilip Kumar, who passed away in the early morning on 7th July 2021. It was a major shock to the entire film industry. We saw him in different movies performing different roles making us laugh, smile and cry with his spectacular and incredible performances.

So, on this day, let’s recall some of the iconic fashion styles of Dilip Kumar and appreciate his amazing fashion sense and style. 

Top 8 iconic fashion styles of Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar, also known as the tragedy king of Bollywood, has been a trendsetter with his signature looks and enduring styles. He has done over hundred films and belonged to the golden age of Bollywood. Apart from being an iconic actor, he is quite famous for his fashion styles and was an ultimate trendsetter of his time.

Here are some of the iconic fashion styles of Dilip Kumar:

The Devdas scarf

How can we forget one of the most iconic looks of Mr. Kumar in the movie Devdas? He was seen wearing the scarf wrapped around his neck. This scarf has been coming back in different styles. It became the signature style of the actor and is one of the most popular looks on screen. This look became a significant trend of the time, and since then, many actors have adopted this particular style on screen. These days we see these scarfs of different patterns, colours and designs draped in style to give an on-point look.

Mughal-e-Azam sherwani

The colorful and vibrant outfits of Salim won the heart of many. The orange kurta became quite popular during that time and was loved by all. You just can’t take your eyes off that kurta. The grace Dilip Ji had while wearing the layered Mughal kurta is something that we all want.

The Blazer look of Andaaz

The young charming, talented actor, Dilip Kumar in the movie Andaaz looked stunning.  His blazer with the strip tie became an instant hit among youngsters. Those strip ties were the new fashion trend of that time.

This white shirt blazer and sweater look created a buzz in the market in his time. It is one of the most appreciated fashion looks even today.

Fashion styles of Dilip Kumar in Ram and Shyam

Do you remember how adorable Dilip Kumar looked in his sweater and top look in the movie Ram aur Shyam? This look became so popular among college boys and teenagers. Dilip Kumar had a fantastic sense of fashion and knew how to add a little quirkiness to change the entire look of an outfit.

Long Kurta and cummerbund

Dilip Kumar was seen in a long kurta with a cummerbund or scarf in his movies. This look became a massive hit among people of the 1990’s post-independence era. The long kurta with colourful prints looked exceptionally great.

Nehru Jacket

The Nehru Jacket became a massive trend in the 1990s after Dilip Kumar wore it. This jacket looked spectacular on him. It is still in trend and nowadays many prints, patterns and designs are available.

So, these were the iconic fashion styles of Dilip Kumar. He is known as the king of Bollywood. The legendary actor gave us so many hits like Andaz, Ram aur Shyam, Devdas, and many more such films. He is a perfect example of how to dress like a gentleman.

We just can’t forget his infectious smile and the simple yet elegant avatar. He was a heartthrob of Bollywood and the crush of many.

May his divine soul rest in peace; we will miss you, superstar!
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