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8 Ethnic wear mistakes you are making: Seriously avoid making these mistakes!

Hey pretty ladies! 

Ethnic wear mistakes have become quire common these days. It could result in utter disaster. Shaadi season is just around the corner, and we know you are already preparing for it. Deciding the right outfits, accessories, hair, and makeup look. But have you ever given a thought to the major mistakes that we often make while wearing ethnic?

Indian wear looks pretty on every woman, but sometimes it can end up making you look shorter or turn out to be a disaster. So, here in this blog, we will talk about some significant 8 ethnic wear mistakes that we often make. So, to save you from awkward moments, here are a few things to avoid while wearing ethnic next time.

Ethnic wear mistakes that we often make

Ethnic wear mistakes that we all make unintentionally 

The wrong fit

Whenever you look for traditional wear, go for the correct fit to make you look slimmer and taller. When you wear loosely fitted silhouettes, you end up looking fat and short. So, always look for a perfect pair of sizes. Let your Indian wear suit your body perfectly.

The Length and Hemline

The length of your Kurti has a quintessential role to play when it comes to your entire attire. The short Kurti will make you look shorter, while a longer will make you look taller. It’s all about the illusion and frame. Hemlines play a significant role in making you look fat or slim so, look for a hemline that suits your style sense and body.

The wrong with dupatta draping

Always keep in mind to drape your dupatta properly. If your dupatta is quite messy then, it might not look good on you. Don’t drape it like a shawl. Try to keep it in the vertical direction so that you look taller and better.

Too much attention

Don’t give too much attention to your downward body. When you wear a lehenga, the whole emphasis is on your lower body. So, try to pair your lehenga with short choli and dupatta, which can be draped like a saree pallu. Look for some attractive necklines and go for some bold eye look.

Following the trend 

Don’t follow any trend blindly. If you are admiring the look of your favourite celebrity, think about whether the outfit will look good on you or not. There is a high probability that a long skirt might not look good on you while an Anarkali could. So, admire the trend but follow only if it suits you. Your styling is all about looking effortlessly beautiful.

Right outfit right day

You need to decide which outfit is going to be perfect for which occasion. A low cut outfit might not look suitable for a Puja at your home. Similarly, you cannot wear a Kurti at a club. So, always keep in mind that the outfit should go well with the occasion. If it’s your best friend’s wedding, go for some deeper necklines. Emphasize your comfort and occasion. 


 A lot of us ignore this factor, but footwear has a vital role to play in your entire look. A wrong pair of western shoes could completely spoil your Indian outfit.

Don’t show your undergarments.

It might not sound good, but a bra strap or a visible panty line could indeed be a disaster. So, always pick the right lingerie for your outfit. You need to pay special attention to this factor. 

So, these were some of the basic mistakes that we often commit while wearing Indian wear. Try to avoid these mistakes, and look flawless in every look you carry; whether it’s your sister’s wedding or best friend’s sangeet, burn the floor with your outfit. Don’t forget to carry your gracious smile, 

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Happy shaadi!!

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